Seth Jordan is a successful entrepreneur who comes from a long line of mystics, secret orders and spiritual clergy.

For as long as Seth can remember, he has existed in a magical enchanted world, full of mystical experiences, supernatural phenomena and enlightened journeys.

His dream is to help awaken humanity and push it forward by showing people how to connect with their higher parts of self; Higher-Self, Soul, Spirit, God, Goddess etc. All by exposing ancient secrets and lost mystical traditions to a new era of modern day magicians (even if they themselves don't fully know who they are right now.)

The '7 Seven Sacred Journeys' is the first step of creating and fulfilling that dream.

In his own words, Seth describes it like this...

"I made a promise to myself long ago, a promise to fulfill one of my own dreams... that of creating a community, or better put, creating a global matrix of like-minded people from all across the country and all around the world, to help facilitate the birthing of our new world, to help shake other sleeping conduits of light and love awake and to help facilitate changing humanity at its core. And in doing so, helping its participants, people like you, become more of who you truly are in the process... and attracting, creating and generating the plethora of abundance you deserve." - Seth Jordan


Magical Inner Journeys That Make Your Soul Sing & Your Spirit Dance

The Sacred Journeys are transformational and emotionally intense, but gentle and loving in their essence... they are full of wonder, mystique and enchantment.

And once you embark upon these Sacred Journeys' you will never again be the same.

They can change you at your very core, but always, only with your permission... only with your willingness to participate, and only by your personally empowered choice.

Everyone will go on these Sacred Journeys, in one form or another - in one lifetime or another. Not necessarily these exact sacred journeys, but the essence of them all the same.

As they are sacred rites of passage that allow you to pierce the veils of perception and move beyond your current limitations, world views and awareness's.

They help reveal who you truly are... who you were, and who you will one day be again; a giant who has forgotten where you came from and what you are really made of; a Spirit-ual being having a human experience...

Because you are, put plainly, on an adventure of self-discovery and on your way home. A mapmaker, a dreamweaver and a keeper of the light. You are a giant among other giants who have also forgotten who they are, where they came from and who they will one day be again.


As head of Seth Jordan's Customer Support, it's my goal to ensure you get the best experience with the 7 Sacred Journeys program. So to that end, you can always reach me and my team via the support page. Additionally, enjoy peace of mind with Seth Jordan's triple satisfaction guarantee listed below:
Prepare to be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every exercise, video, audio and Sacred Journey meditations in this program.
Changing the world by awakening others awake is our greatest passion. This program & everything else we do to help you grow and stretch helps change the world! So we want to do everything in our power to help you get the results you deserve.
If for any unlikely reason this program doesn't live up to any of these promises... email us and you will be refunded 100% of your investment up to 60 days from your date of purchase.

Kimberly Anne
Customer Happiness Team Lead