Everyone seeks out the wonders and mysteries of enlightenment on their journey of self-discovery… on their path of self-growth, on their path of becoming whole again and on their inevitable journey of returning home…

But regardless of the labels or names that you give to this ‘need to seek’… growth always starts the same way; with frustration or dissatisfaction, disconnection or discord, or wanting something more; security, love, happiness, better health, a better job, a partner, more money, more security and so on…

We’ve all felt that frustration or dissatisfaction at one point in our life or another.

The Self Help Domain…

It’s always this frustration that motivates this first step that we all take, from “just another cog-in the-wheel” kind of lives’ to the domain of self-help – that of wanting to help ourselves get more.

Many will stay in and play around in this self-help domain their entire life. But for others, almost as soon as you start creating “stuff”, or discovering the simple psychological hacks to get more, you also start to feel restless – haunted by an emptiness.

“There has to be more than just stuff, more than just these hacks” you begin to realize. “I don’t just want more stuff or more silly little hacks; I want to be more too.”

The Metaphysical Domain…

And with that awareness… that spark, that urge, the veils begin to part and a brand new door appears. So curiously, you approach and begin knocking at it… and when it finally opens… you find yourself staring into the domain of metaphysics (beyond and between the physical.)

The metaphysical domain is where it starts getting fun. It’s when you begin discovering the tools of conscious reality creation, along with the raw materials that it all gets built out of and the energies that bring it all roaring to life… and it’s where real magic begins to bubble and boil, toil in trouble…

The Spiritual Domain…

Finally, after playing with the tools of conscious reality creation for a while – and for some that may be mere weeks, for others years, decades or even lifetimes – but at some point, you begin to realize that although you’ve now become more… you know there is still a depth, a richness, a longing that seems to be missing.

You can feel it in your bones, there is more beyond what you currently feel, know and understand… and with that spark, your yearning intensifies and you begin to long for… connection.

Connection to the more real, to the higher, wider and deeper parts of self, to your unseen friends, to your Soul and Spirit, to your Higher-Self and to God/Goddess/All That Is… connection to the Spiritual Domain.

Spirituality is your personal relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is. In the exploration, growth, seeking and understanding that comes with developing that relationship, even though its vast, wide, tall, deep and often incomprehensible at times – it makes you un-proportionally, exponentially richer for your efforts.

Your Soul is the lens to both your Higher-Self and to God/Goddess/All That Is.

Your Spirit, motivated by this desire for connection comes alive and animates who you are… who you truly are; A Spirit-ual being having a temporary human experience.

And though everyone has their own cadence (speed) in which they leap from domain to domain, the path is the same for everyone…

Some will meticulously go through each domain, spending years in each one. While others will spend but a fraction of a second on self-help for example, then dive headfirst into metaphysics and spend the rest of their life exploring that domain. While others will find their way, slowly or quickly, to the Spiritual domain and make that domain their life’s work… deeply exploring its many mysteries and revealing the fulfilling connections it promises.

Each higher level contains all the levels before it, so you can be a very metaphysical person and bounce indefinitely between self-help and metaphysics without ever becoming Spiritual.

With that being said, all people, regardless of which level they are on now, will eventually seek a connection with ‘God’… in one way or another, one form or another, in one lifetime or another. Eventually everyone will hear and respond to the call of their Soul… and seek that connection with the Spiritual realm.

Your personal relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is… is your business and no one else’s. Not religions’, not gurus and not even your spouse’s. It’s personal and intimate. So it’s up to you, as just how much or how little you will let in… or share with others.

But as a part of God/Goddess/All That Is, it’s in you, in every cell, every molecule and every atom of your being. It’s part of your destiny – in this lifetime or another – to return home, to once again become one with All That Is, to become whole and return to that energy from where you originated. And in doing so, to finally fulfill that promise you made so long ago… of one-day returning home.


Seth Jordan
Seth Jordan
Seth Jordan is the best selling author of '7 Sacred Journeys' and a successful entrepreneur who comes from a long line of mystics, secret orders and spiritual clergy.